Virtual Leadership Webinar

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Join us at our webinar where we will look into the values of virtual leadership and hear about concrete experiences with tools and collaboration.

20 January, 2021
From 1 pm - 2 pm

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Do you expect a more hybrid way of working in the future?

COVID-19 has prompted a sudden change in how we work.
Many employees, leaders, and companies have had to throw themselves over new digital tools and thus have been forced to develop their digital skills. Whether you have been a general digital user, digital integrator, or specialist, you have had to use digital tools and skills in a new way, e.g. virtual leadership.

The hybrid model will be the “new normal” for many companies.

The “new normal” has shown that the broader use of remote working is not only possible but also beneficial if done right.

Technology is an important part of the future workforce but the transition to a hybrid model requires a ‘people-first’ strategy – one that establishes your employees’ skills and company culture.
This means giving your employees the skills, confidence, and mindset to work within the hybrid model.


Jesper Riedel, Director at LeapForward

Anja Bourup, Cultural Broker at Canon

Lone Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer at Danmarks Nationalbank

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